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Adriano Gambarini is professional photographer and author since 1992. Considered one of the most important natural and cultural photographers in Brazil, he has vast experience in outdoor photography on scientific expeditions to remote areas, mainly in the Amazon. Author of 14 photographic books, he documents protected area management plans, environmental impact studies and expeditions of NGOs such as WWF-Brazil, Conservation International, The Nature Conservancy, Terra Brasilis and OPAN.

Photographer for the National Geographic Brazil over the last 14 years, Mr. Gambarini owns the most diversified, personal photo archive in the country, with more than 240 thousand images of ecosystems, wildlife, rare and endangered animals, researches in remote areas, National Parks, flora, archeology, paleontology, caves, architecture, cities, ways of life of indigenes tribes and culture of ethnic groups of Brazil, Antarctica and more 28 other countries. The author worked as still photographer for a Discovery Channel documentary in Brazil, France and Russia - “Langsdorff Expedition”, as well correspondent on online journal coverages in Thailand, Laos, China and Kyrgyzstan (photographing a pioneer Brazilian team trip through the Silk Road), photographic editor of books and expositions. He administrates and licenses his own image bank for the production of articles to specialized magazines and books related to environmental and cultural themes, as a photographic editor of books and tourist guides. In the publishing & advertising markets, the author produces photographs for campaigns, aerial views, industries and portraits.

Mr. Gambarini has a Geology degree from the University of São Paulo and works since 1987 as a speleologist and cave diver, had been working in the most important expeditions to mapping, exploring and diving in caves. Both his scientific skills and sophisticated lighting techniques make him the most respected and well-known cave photographers in Brazil. In 2012 he published the most important book of Brazilian Caves. Speaker in TEDx Talk, Mr. Gambarini lectures in photography and natural sciences (Biology, Geology, and Geography) in universities, where he links photographic work to a process of awareness and environmental conservation, culture and social aspects of people.


"The photographs are stunning, and very beautiful."
Photo Editor John Echave, National Geographic

"Adriano Gambarini's pictures capture the solemn beauty of Brazil's cave systems."
Photo Editor Wilma Simon - GEO Magazine

"Adriano is one of the most versatile and accurate of wildlife and wild lands photographers that I have worked with. When he takes pictures of animals you can see the biology as though in a textbook. When Adriano photographs people you see the world through their eyes, not his. When he photographs a landscape, you feel as though you were sitting in the middle of it."
James M. Dietz, Behavioral Ecologist and Conservation Biologist, University of Maryland, EUA.

"Adriano knows the spirit and practice of science in the field. His intuition for the right moment and the right content is remarkable. With the same camera he can capture the structural majesty of a blackened cave, the spirit of the researchers, and the struggle of the indigenous people of the area. I greatly admire his eye and his dedication."
Walter Hartwig, Paleontologist, Ph.D. – California, EUA.

"The slides are fantastic."
Photo Editor Miranda Haines, Geographical Magazine