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Corporate and Custom

Over two decades as a professional photographer, Mr. Gambarini has been dedicated to corporate photography, documenting institutional environments with the same technical rigour and determined look that he develops his personal projects. He has photographed aerial images, factories, offices, mines, dams, reforestation, social projects, portraits of executives and employees in their routine production line, for national and multinational companies. Gambarini’s main customers for corporate photographic production are: Abbvie Pharmaceutical, Suzano Paper, Duke Energy of Brazil, Nokia Institute of Tecnology (INDT), Fibria, Galvani Group, Nossa Caixa Bank, Tony Engineer, Cargill, Engepal, Jatobá Agroecological Products, Lina Galvani Institute, Votorantim Group (CBA, Metais, Cimentos, Bank Votorantim, Citrovita, Nitroquímica, VPAR)